Continuing Education

NJ Resident individual licensees are required to complete 24 Continuing Education (CE) credits prior to the renewal of the producer license. At least 3 credits must be in an approved Ethics course. (These courses have the word “ethics” in their names on our schedule below.) In addition, courses may not be duplicated during the license cycle – so please check the course numbers carefully when selecting courses.

A licensee may check their current number of continuing education credits by calling PSI Services LLC, at 1-877-526-6833 or visiting the PSI web site at:

NOTE that additional CE requirements may apply to NJ Insurance Producers who write Annuities, Long-Term Care insurance, and/or Flood Insurance.

Discounted CE Credit Packages:

Package 1 – Individual Class(es)
- $50 per 3 or 4 credit class
- $100 per 8 credit class
Package 2
- 16 credits for $179
Package 3
- 24 credits for $219
Package 3A
- Bring a friend and you both receive a savings on 24 credits = Discounted price of $195 each
Package 4
- 48 credits for $299
Package 4A
- Bring a friend and you both receive a savings on 48 credits = Discounted price of $249 each

Monthly Class Schedules

  1. 2019

    1. MAY
    2. JUNE
    3. JULY
    4. AUGUST
    6. OCTOBER