“Thank you for helping me pass the NJ State Exam.  Your little stories, acronyms, and the Review were just what the doctor ordered.  You won’t believe how much they helped me.  I highly recommend PTS; this school made the difference.”  [V.C. from Sovereign Bank]
“The class was both informative and entertaining.  I would be happy to refer new students starting out in this business to PTS.  This is an excellent school and both of you are exceptional instructors.  I am sure I will return for future classes.”  [L.T.]
“Thank you for your OUTSTANDING enthusiasm and knowledge of the business.  Your class definitely prepared me for the NJ State Exam and I PASSED on my first try.”  [O.T.]
“As a licensed broker in many states, I have taken many professional courses.  The course I recently took with you was one of the best in my career.  Because of your excellent lecturing talent and your ability to sort out large amounts of information, I passed my State Exam.”  [M.S.]
“PTS provides excellent training with perfect balance between lecture, tests, and humor to keep the classroom alert and alive.”  [a student from Wachovia Insurance Services]
“You did a great job cramming all the info into 40 hours. Grading system is fair. Students are definitely ready for the State Exam after your pre-licensing course.” [S.B.]
“Thank you so much for getting me ready for the state Insurance exams. The amount of material you were able to cover in such a short amount of time was amazing. I could not have been more prepared. After making it through your course, the state exams were a breeze. I look forward to taking more courses with you in the future because I know your methods work, and I want another T-shirt!” [S.M. from Mutual of Omaha]
“I couldn’t have asked for a school training program that was better put-together than the one at PTS! The entire school family ROCKS!” [J.W.]
“PTS provides excellent preparation for the state exams. The textbook, sample exams, and audio CD’s helped me pass – as well as Janice’s excellent teaching philosophy and knowledge, and her visual and verbal learning clues!!” [C.L.]
“The State Exam was easier than expected – probably because I was well-prepared! Thanks PTS!”